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Are You Ready?

As your driving skills progress and your confidence grows to a level near test standard, your instructor will perform regular mock testing to prepare you for the actual test ahead. This procedure will also highlight and aid in you and your instructor ironing out any driver faults that you may be committing, better preparing you for your test.

The Big Day

First of all you will need to make sure you have all the relevant documentation. You need both parts of your provisional licence (Photo Card and Paper Counterpart) this must display your current address, if not you can write your current address on the bottom of the paper counterpart. You will also need your theory certificate and the letter of confirmation about your test appointment.

Format of test/what to expect:

You will have a minimum of an hour driving lesson before your test, this will enable you to practise all your manoeuvres and settle your nerves. Upon arriving at the test centre we will park the car in the bays provided this is the place that you would do the bay park if you were to get it as a manoeuvre on your test. We will then go to the DSA waiting room where your examiner will meet you and get you to sign an insurance and residency declaration on the driving test report form.

You will then head towards your car where the examiner will ask you which vehicle is yours and get you to do any eyesight check to read a number plate from 20.5m away. Once complete you will then be asked your 2 show me tell me questions by the examiner. The examiner will then have a brief description about what is going to happen i.e. he /she will tell you to continue following the road ahead unless any road markings or traffic signs tell you otherwise. If he/she wants you to turn left or right they will tell you in good time, and if you have any problem with the direction they have asked you to go just ask them and they will repeat it straight back to you.

You will be doing 1 out of the 4 manoeuvres and maybe also the emergency stop in addition. You will the go out on test for approx. 40 mins where you will be tested on all aspects of driving which you have been perfecting with your instructor.

New to the driving test since late 2010 is "Independent Driving", this can be split in to two sections where the examiner will verbally ask you to follow a set of directions re-enforced with a diagram, or they may ask you to follow a number of road signs to a destination. Remember that during your test you may be required to complete both of these disciplines.

End of Your Test

When you arrive back into the test centre you will be asked to switch the engine off, the examiner will complete the necessary paperwork and then tell you your result straight away.

If you are successful you will be asked for both parts of your licence to allow the examiner to complete your pass certificate, also they will keep your licence and exchange it for a full UK licence which you will receive in the post.

If you are unsuccessful then the examiner will ask if you would like your instructor present to listen into the debrief of the test. It is important that your instructor hears exactly how you have been unsuccessful to enable you both to work on the faults allowing you to put straight back in for your test, you can book a test straight away but you must allow 10 days before you take one, this is a DSA Rule.