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This manoeuver is designed to teach you how to stop your car safely as quickly as possible. If a child runs out in front of your car, you don't want to be skidding and sliding all over the road.

During your Driving Test

Once the examiner has explained the "controlled stop" move off as normal accelerate up to thirty miles per hour and then continue in third gear.

Road conditions may mean that it is unsafe to carry out the stop immediately, if this is the case the instructor/examiner will do it as soon as possible. Keep Alert!

When you hear "STOP"

As soon as you hear the command apply the brakes smoothly but firmly. All of our Mini's have Anti-lock Braking (ABS) so you don't need to worry about skidding.

Push the clutch to the floor before you come to a stop, you don't want to stall the engine.


You don't need to check your mirrors in this manoeuvre. Your instructor/examiner will only ask you to stop when it is safe to do so, and in real life you won't have time and it is the responsibility of the driver behind you to stop themselves from running into the back of you.

Make sure you maintain a normal driving position during this manoeuvre and keep both of your hands on the steering wheel.

After the manoeuvre

Once you have completed the manoeuvre, remember to pull off as normal including your observations (POM).