A Licence 2 Drive

Learning To Drive

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Getting Started

So you've got your provisional licence, and you're ready to start learning to drive. In this section you can find out what you need to do before your first lesson and what to expect during it. »


Before you can take your driving test you need to pass your driving theory test as well as the hazard perception test. In this section we provide you with practice material to help you to prepare for these. »

Driving Routines


Often perceived as one of the trickiest parts of the driving test, the maneuvers are capable of catching out even experienced drivers. To help you to practice them we have made available some training videos created by one of our experienced tutors. »

Preparing for your test

So, you think you're ready to take your test, you've chosen your test centre and booked the date, read on to find out what you can expect to happen on the 'big' day. »

Show Me, Tell Me

At the start of your driving test the examiner will ask you a few questions to test your knowledge on basic car maintenance and safety. You don't need get caught out, on our 'Show me, Tell me' page we will go though all the questions and explain the answers in detail to help you sail through this. »

Pass Plus / Motorway Tuition

After you have passed your driving test you are legally entitled to drive on every road in the UK, however it can take years to become a skilled driver, at A Licence 2 Drive we can help speed up this process with this nationally recognised scheme. »