A Licence 2 Drive


Most of our students find us through recommendations from their friends and family, so we must be doing something right! You can read some of our testimonials below.

I was very nervous about the prospect of learning to drive, however from my first lesson my instructor made me feel relaxed when learning, and encouraged me. I looked forward to my lessons as I knew they would be fun and enjoyable, while also taking me on a variety of roads and putting my driving skills to the test in a number of different situations. I was very apprehensive about my driving test, however my instructor prepared me well and I felt confident knowing that I could do it.

I passed first time with no minors!!!

I would recommend 'A Licence to Drive' to anyone looking to learn.

Becky East, Sutton Coldfield

The biggest and perhaps greatest plus I would give AL2D would be that I was taught not just how to pass the test, which I did, but I was given the confidence, ability and technique to actually drive once I was out and on my own. After passing I also took the pass plus which is a superb way to gain confidence and extra ability. This, I'd recommend, especially for the chance to do motorway driving and it may also help bring your insurance down.

I'd thoroughly recommend AL2D to anyone who asks, not just because of the great tuition, but for the chance to drive Mini Coopers!!

Ed Ingram

Learning with A Licence 2 Drive was a very enjoyable experience. The Mini was in great condition and was nice to drive. My instructor made me feel safe, relaxed and confident in my own driving ability. His style of teaching made me progress quickly and due to his age was very easy to get along with. He was professional and reliable and I believe this was one of the reasons that I passed my driving test first time.

I would happily recommend A Licence 2 Drive to any prospective learner.

Aimee Whatson, Sutton Coldfield