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Driving Instructors needed in and around Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Tamworth and Coventry

What We Offer

We offer full ADI training for parts 1, 2 and 3 with a guaranteed position with our Driving School on completion.

We are a well established friendly Driving School and due to our overwhelming success we need to train and employ new instructors to handle the constant influx of new work.

Our success is dependent on our instructors and we are looking for committed drivers with a dedication to providing quality lessons along with a professional attitude.

A Licence To Teach

The cost of our training is very competitive as is our franchise rate on completion of training unlike some of our competitors we will only take on people who we believe will be successful in all three tested stages in becoming an ADI and have what it takes to become a key member of our team.

ADI Training

Initial Assessment
We will take up two hours of your time to assess your driving ability and future potential to become an instructor.
1 - Training Theory Test
This will include a one hour training session with your trainer to discuss your Part 1 test and what lies ahead . You will also be given all the training material required for all your Part 1. 2 and 3 instructor training. This includes five books and folders and CD-ROMs.
Also you will be given a dedicated number to contact your trainer seven days a week between the hours of 9am and 8pm who will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have.
2 - Training Driver Ability
Consisting of 20 hours of one to one on road driver training which will allow us to prepare you for the driver ability test ensuring that you are driving to the required high standards. You will take an hour long test consisting of all aspects of driving including motorway and rural road driving and all of the manoeuvres and you are only allowed to obtain six minor faults within the test.
Be wary of our competitors claiming that it is possible to teach the required elements in under 15 hours as this is very unrealistic and will end up costing you more in test fees in the long run.
3 - Training Instructional Ability
Consisting of 40 hours of one to one training with fully qualified trainer during which you will be taught the skills and knowledge required to give complete and competent driver tuition. This will cover all driving subjects above and beyond what is required for the test to fit within our high standards at A Licence to Drive. You will also get the opportunity to have an insight into how driving lessons conducted in the real world. We will get you to sit in the back of lessons with our instructors to prepare you for a new and successful career with A Licence to Drive.
Upfront Discount
If you decide to pay all training costs up front you will receive a hefty discount on the total cost bringing the overall cost of your training down.
Test Fees
We do not include the individual test fees in our pricing as we feel it is a hidden cost within the training and it is more beneficial for you to pay them as we feel that it will encourage you to pass first time.

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