A Licence 2 Drive

Cancellation Policy

At A Licence 2 Drive we feel that it is important to keep up regular structured lessons.

Too encourange this, we try to plan your lessons at least a week in advance, this has the added benefit to you of allowing to to plan your social life and work commitments.

For this reason we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cancellations or changing of lesson times, this gives us time to reshuffle our lessons.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to provide adequate notice we might not be able to reschedule our other pupils and so reserve the right to charge you for the lesson as booked.

What about if my Instructor has to move my lesson?

Although rare sometimes your instructor may not be available for your booked lesson, this may be down to unavoidable circumstances like a car breakdown or very heavy traffic due to accidents. If this happens our instructor will always try to rebook your lesson as soon as it is convenient to you.